Frequently Asked Questions


1)     How does the Zipboard roll up, but also become rigid enough when extracted from the housing?

 The actual writing surface is a laminated tyvek that has 2 tempered spring steel side rails that cause the board to be rigid when extracted and rollable when retracted.


2)     Can the Zipboard be used in the rain or snow?

Yes, The writing surface is a laminated sheet of Tyvek, which is waterproof and puncture proof.


3)     What do I do if the marker dries out?

The Zipboard has a manufactured cap internally that prevents the marker from drying out prematurely. If a replacement marker is needed simply pop off the eraser and replace with an “Expo” marker which can be purchased at most office supply stores or contact www.thezipboard.com

4)     What if I lose the eraser?

Contact www.thezipboard.com for a replacement.


5)     How do I clean my Zipboard beyond just using the eraser?

We recommend using “Windex” glass cleaner after using it during 4 of 5 games or practices.


6)     How long should my Zipboard last?

We have manufactured and tested the Zipboard to withstand at least 2000 pulls. With proper maintenance and cleaning the board should last beyond 1 season.

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