Zipboard Coaches Gifts

Here at Zipboard we receive calls every day about sending Zipboards to coaches as gifts.

Here at Zipboard we receive calls every day about sending Zipboards as coaches gifts, which is why we decided to create a Gift Card program for parents and players to purchase Zipboards for their coaches. Everybody knows or is associated with a coach somehow, regardless if they're playing for them or participating in the sport themselves.

  • The ZipBoard is a very practical and useful coaching gift that will be appreciated and utilized by the Coach on a daily basis.
  • Parents and players of all sports from youth leagues up are constantly looking for end of the season gifts as a token of their appreciation for the Coach who spends countless hours teaching and mentoring them.
  • The ZipBoard makes a wonderful gift for a spouse, family member or friend who is a coach, especially during birthdays and holidays.
  • ZipBoards are the perfect coaching gifts for coaches associations who want to reward members for their hard work and dedication. We offer a fifty percent discount to coaches associations purchasing ten boards or more.
  • The plain white Original ZipBoard is a tool teachers can utilize in the classroom and makes a perfect gift for a teacher or a mentor who has been teaching your children or is a spouse, family member or friend. Parents often want to give teachers gifts during holidays or at the end of the school year.

If purchased as a gift, there is an option at checkout to personalize a note to the coach or teacher to verbalize your appreciation. When you purchase your gift card, you select a pin number which is emailed to your gift recipient along with your personal message of gratitude or appreciation. With the pin number at hand, your favorite coach, teacher, spouse, family member or friend can claim their favorite ZipBoard. We know you’re busy with a lot to do and that finding and ordering the perfect gift can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for coaches gifts or teachers gifts, you probably want something that’s not the run of the mill... ZipBoard is here to help you.



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